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Bruges Travel Guide

Q: How far is it from the port of Calais to Brussels?
A: If you take the motorway, the drive from Calais in France to Brussels in Belgium is about 120 miles or 195 km.

Virtual Tour of Huidenvettersplein, market & restaurants, Bruges, Belgium
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Jesse Partington says:
"This charming Belgian city is a delightful mix of the old and the new with something to interest everyone - whether an avid shopper or a keen sightseer. A boat trip on the canal is an absolute must. The shops and public places are immaculate - and even the horses wear "nappies" to keep the streets clean!"
Nadia Nell says:
"Bruges is a beautiful town, very well kept and do the town tour as you will be taken back into time when you walk into the churches, yes they have plenty of that. We went to Bruges by train from Brussels. The train fare was very reasonable and only about 2hrs ride - very pleasant. Prior to leaving England I did research on where to stay in Bruges that would be different and found this boat hotel that is run by a mother & son (high acclaimed chef in Bruges). I booked the Captain's cabin which was not very big but enough for 2 people and absolutely elegant for the price of 80euros per night. We decided to try out the skills of the chef on board this boat hotel and it was out of this world - priced at around 85euros for the 2 of us. Sit and enjoy the square in the centre of Bruges and watch the people go by... it really is pleasant especially if the weather is sunny. Remember Bruges is reknowned for it's tapestry - so have a look around at the many types of tapestry and lace making processes and shops on offer. Hire a horse-carriage trip for 40euros (yes that is pricey but that is a tourist attraction that seems to be popular) and you will be taken around an area of Bruges that you would not necessarily venture to. The owners of these carriages also act as tourist guides and stop & give you explanation & stories of each place they take you to. They will take you to an ancient nunnery that is still in operation where you can venture into the gardens that is so tranquil and watch the nuns go about their daily chores, etc. After which you get back onto your carriage and continue the rest of the tour - by the way it is private just for your sole use. How unique I think."
DW says:
"Come to Bruges; it's like Venice, but in Belgium!"
Joanne Elms says:
"fabulous waffles to be had in the cafes here!"

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