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Bruges Travel Guide

Q: How far is it from the port of Calais to Brussels?
A: If you take the motorway, the drive from Calais in France to Brussels in Belgium is about 120 miles or 195 km.

Virtual Tour of Cobbled street in Blinde-Ezelstraat, Bruges, Belgium
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peter harris says:
"Oud huis pellaert, Bruges. Wonderful historic atmosphere. Opposite youth hostel so if your room is at the front, a certain amount of noise, although quite tolerable. Hold record for the widest double bed I've slept in... needed two duvets to cover it. Attentive staff and high quality all round."
Lois Ronberg says:
"Nibbling on Belgium chocolate as stunning old and historic windows, doors and walls pass on historic old canals is heaven. World Heritage status sits easy in this lovely old Belgium city and with limited traffic its easy to slip back in time as horse and carts clop by, church bells ring out and tourists galore snap photos they'll cherish and share for years to come. My highlight on a recent trip was seeing a golden-retriever dog lazily dozing on a window-sill overlooking the canal - two hours later we went by again and he was still there - what a treasure. Make sure you buy a sample of the Belgium lace from one of the shops groaning with lace-made treasures from table-cloths to 'kerchiefs. they are a tourist attraction in their own right. Michael Angelo would be pleased to see the thousands of people who call to see his Mother and Child sculpture in one of the magnificent churches, he may well have liked a delicious waffle too. Bruges is waffles to me - sit a while in the main market and dine on the finest of waffles you'll buy anywhere - mine was so beautiful I took a picture of it. Yummy. In fact, Bruges is yummy all over - from the minute you walk in to the old town your camera is in overdrive. We took a mini-bus tour which leaves from the main market square on the hour - it is value for money as you listen to your head-set (in several languages) and the driver adds his contributions too. Well worthy to do this as you arrive and then take time to see it all yourself after this most worthwhile introduction. I had been to Bruges before but I still looked up the internet before I went to be sure to see something new - I have a feeling you could go back to Bruges often and still see and enjoy something you'd not seen there before. Bruges is a must, it is well worthy of World Heritage status...explore it soon, you will be doing yourself a travel favour."
Mark Monroe says:
"I would go back just for the mussels and chips!"

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