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Bruges Travel Guide

Q: How far is it from the port of Calais to Brussels?
A: If you take the motorway, the drive from Calais in France to Brussels in Belgium is about 120 miles or 195 km.

Virtual Tour of Markt, Old Town Square, Bruges, Belgium
 Traveler Reviews and Information
Adrian Griffin says:
"Bruges centre square looks great but what the tourist doesn't realise is that it's a con, it's just another Disneyland, the only building that's actually old is the big building with the tower, all the other stuff was erected in the 1920's and after the 2nd world war to create an ancient looking monumental square to boost Belgium's flagging economy and get a big influx of tourists, it was actually a slum in 1900 annd all the canals were putrid, and full of typhoid, but the job they done was great, it worked, and now it rakes in millions every year by tourists worldwide, but it's actually all rather recent! "
Lois Ronberg says:
"Bruges has a beautiful, historic center where you fully appreciate its World Heritage Status. I’ve been in Markt Old Town Square several times and it never fails to attract me with its extremely old, colourful buildings, interesting roof lines and always it’s a buzz. I went first on a walking tour and we’d strolled into other, smaller but lovely squares and when we turned the corner and I was standing in the town’s main old square I was truly overwhelmed. There is so much to see and at every turn something attracts your eye, like the huge Belfort Tower dominating the area, no matter where you stand, the roof lines are pointed, there’s all sorts of colours in the buildings and people everywhere. The second time I was with a friend and we were there to spend all day in Bruges so we started in the market square where it was a market day. What a difference this makes to the tourist attraction: it was crammed full of great stalls offering all sorts of food, souvenirs, art and craft, jewellery and a host of other things. We took the hour-long mini tour van which takes you around Bruges with an excellent commentary. This means you get your bearings on this fascinating, Medieval city and then you can walk to the things which interested you as you went around. Join this outside the city civic building in the Old Market Square. You’ll notice there is not much vehicular traffic but that adds to the enjoyment of imagining life in those centuries when motor vehicles weren’t here. Hearing the clip-clop of the horses as they pull their carts just seems right in this part of the world. Most horse-n-cart rides seem to start and finish in the Markt Old Town Square. A Belgium tourist treat for sure. We spent ages just absorbing the market day - then enjoyed a light lunch in one of the squares many eating houses. After eating chocolate and strawberry waffles we walked around seeking out chocolate and Belgium lace shops before taking the ‘’must do’‘ canal trip which definitely puts you in the mind of days gone by - from the water it looks like time has stood still."
Erich says:
"looks to me there would be a need of some benches , so that turist don`t have to sit floor, "

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