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Bali Travel Guide

Q: How many islands does Indonesia have?
A: According to the Indonesian Tourist Board there are 17,504 islands in Indonesia.

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Aminuddin Baharudin says:
"I've been to Bali before. Yes, the word Bali is enough to make you drool on the thoughts of complete relaxation and being served with delicious seafoods by the beach. It might rain every now and then (it is a tropical country) but even the rain is not enough to drive people away from the beach. The view of fishermans docking their ship when the clouds get all dark is simply beautiful."
Nadia Nell says:
"Frankly I have been to better beaches around the world. Though Bali is great for surfing and the beaches are not bad they are not the best. Believe I have have been to a number of beaches in the Far East and Bali is not the best. There is more to it than just beaches in Bali, like the people are very artistic, wood carvings, paintings & handicraft. I bought a set of water colours from one of the most reknowned Balinese artist for a small amount. I do agree the people are really nice and lovely people and the food is great and pretty cheap. It is an interesting place to go to for a holiday but do look into the culture and ethnicity and religious mixes there you will find it a pandora's box once you open it. There is alot of poverty there and they rely heavily on tips similar to that of Thailand, Vietnam & Cambodia but not to worry they are happy with anything you give them. However be aware of pickpockets. My advise is got with an open mind and find out more about the people, the culture and their history as well. Make sure you get to one of the seaside seafood restaurants early to catch the sunset whilst enjoying your freshly caught seafood from the fish tank and it is very reasonably priced. Well worth it."
Wayne Arbon says:
"The beaches on Bali are some of the best in the world. The sand is fine, the water is warm, and the people are friendly. Everyone should go to Bali at least once."

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