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Virtual Tour of Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, England
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Lois R says:
"First impressions of Blenheim Palace are truly memorable. As you walk from the carpark you have before you a magnificent palace with gold balls at the top of impressive Baroque architecture. This has to be one of my most favourite places in Britain and I’ve taken five lots of New Zealand visitors here - every one of them is ‘’gobsmacked’‘. The palace is amazing itself but the 2100 acres of ‘’Capability Brown’‘ park grounds, lake and butterfly exhibition all around it are just as impressive - untold pleasure from the formal and boxed gardens, bridges, towers and the little chapel. From the entrance Great Hall with its lovely ceiling and stone carvings to the magnificent collection of fine porcelain, ancient tapestries, original paintings by the masters, regal furniture, superb ceiling paintings and chandeliers this major tourist attraction is well placed to offer English history from major battles to society life through the years. Amid all the grandeur, I just love the tiny singlet Winston Churchill wore on the day he was born in the Palace, on November 30, 1874 at 1.30am. It’s in the very room he took his first breath and while he did not ever own this amazing home he had a life-long love of his cousin’s inheritance. The Duke and Duchess of Marlborough have presented this historic palace to be a living museum showing life there over 300 years. My favourite room is the Long Library - with a white statue of Queen Anne who gave the Woodstock palace to the Duke of Marlborough for his successes in wars he fought for her. At the end there is a really stunning Wills Organ. There is a comprehensive Winston Churchill exhibition which has heaps of interesting aspects of his life as a leading English politician. After your visit you can drive a short distance to Bladen where he and his wife are buried. Woodstock offers you the Town Gate entrance and the other is on the main road from Oxford in Oxfordshire, England."

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