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Bath Travel Guide

Q: If you are in your 40s and want to take off and travel, what advice would be essential.
A: Sounds exciting! Lots to think about but as a start: a) Hunt around for a decent long term travel insurance policy; b) Do a budget... you will inevitably spend more than you think and this needs to fit with whatver income you are going to have; c) Make some sort of plan about what things you want to see and do. Bon Voyage!

Virtual Tour of Cathedral altar, Bath, England
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Lois R says:
"’Behold how it is good and pleasing’‘. This in Latin across the front doors of Bath’s impressive Bath Abbey, in the centre of the historic English town. There’s been a church on this site for hundreds of years so history is important here, go down to the vault and see where this one fits into Bath’s interesting past. Bath Abbey has a checkered history, being reduced to ruins in days gone by but nowadays you have a truly beautiful, memorable abbey to visit if you like the best in stained-glass windows. There are 52 windows, taking up 80 percent of the building’s wall space. I particularly like my photos showing the colourful effect of the set of windows in the East End which has 56 scenes in the life of Christ - stunning. As you stand before the altar, take time to look up to the stone carved fan vaulting ceiling - how grand it is, you cannot help but wonder how they created such majesty without all the modern equipment we now take for granted. This is a creative place. The interior is big, really light and even though you share it with many people it is still a place you feel ''at peace'' in. I particularly remember the beautiful floral displays. Bath Abbey is a good central point to start a pedestrian tour as you have neighbouring Roman Baths, tiny but truly worthy of your time is the Sally Lunn bakery and of course the Pulteney Bridge with its little shops along the side of the bridge. I’ve taken many friends and family to Bath and I always include Bath Abbey for its beauty, Perpendiclar (late gothic) architecture and always there’s a certain, calm serenity."

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