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Amsterdam Travel Guide

Q: What is the difference between Netherlands and Holland?
A: Netherlands is the country whilst Holland is just the western region within the country. However, the term Holland is often used to mean the whole country.

Virtual Tour of Pretty Vondel Park, Amsterdam, Netherlands
 Traveler Reviews and Information
steph welsh says:
"Fab park and such a relaxed small city. A weekend is more than enough to explore what is on offer to the tourist. Trams are the best way to get about or hire a bike (weather premitting) and experience the city Amsterdam style."
alex kershaw says:
"Amsterdam is one of the most interesting cities in Europe, although it is an eyeopener for most who visit it.Through the day, it is a picturesque maze of canals, coffee houses and open air markets, with plenty of museums for those who are interested. I particularly recommend the Van Gogh Museum, it really is one of the most beautiful spaces I have visited dedicated to the arts, and hold some real unknown gems by Van Gogh. For those of you who may visit for other reasons, it has plenty of coffee shops where you can sit back, relax and inhale the local specialities! The hot chocoate is highly recommended in any cafe, and come with those gorgeous little biscuits! Yum! Around 5pm, the city takes on a more sinister feel, and seemingly innocent little house frontages start to light up neon pink. The red light district is a buzzing hive of activity, and an experience not for the faint hearted, but beware of pickpockets and drug peddlars who are rife in the area. The shopping centre is not bad either, with a large department store and various specialist shops, including a great one which sells cowboy boots. All in all, a great place to visit."
Mrs. J. Roest says:
"Amsterdam is a fantastic place to visit- so versatile! Ideal for all ages. Its nice and compact for walking, the tram, train and bus are all great to get around, should you want to go further. The people & shops & good food make it a perfect place to enjoy!"
Hanna says:
"Amsterdam is full of culture and great architecture. You have to take a boat ride on the canal, it's fantastic."
gem says:
"we have just booked to go here for a long weekend. Cant Wait!!!"
tiha says:
"a city of many foreigners and tourists. very back-in-the-day designs."
John says:
"I used to work in Amsterdam and never tired of the city. One of the best places in Europe for a break."

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