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Amsterdam Travel Guide

Q: What is the difference between Netherlands and Holland?
A: Netherlands is the country whilst Holland is just the western region within the country. However, the term Holland is often used to mean the whole country.

Virtual Tour of Spui Centrum arts market, Amsterdam, Netherlands
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hannah white says:
"amsterdam...well what to say it is such a beautiful relaxed and scenic city why would anybody not want to visit. it is full of plesent people, things to do and places to see. it would be my ideal holiday as i dont mind the weather we have in england and best of all i could escape my neighbourgs from hell and relax in the peacefull tranquility of such a lovely place."
Alice says:
"What people forget about Amsterdam is it is not just a city for pot smokers, stags and general party folk but a beautifully cultured city with unique museums and galleries and friendly residents. This truly is a city with something for everyone. "
Michelle Firth says:
"Not at all what I was expecting. Extrmely friendly place, very clean, lots to do and see. Loved it! "
Karolyn Holden says:
"Just got back from amsterdam - fantastic place, went on a canal trip, tried to avoid getting knocked down by the bikes, and couldn't find the red light district! [daren't ask anyone!!!] ---next time !"
Kathleen Fennessey says:
"Amsterdam is the most American friendly city that I have visited outside of the USA. The trolleys and waterways are ideal for the tourist in us all. I will go back one day with the rest of my family. My husband and I walked everywhere and every street was a delight. We did not go to the red light district as there was so much to do and not enough time. We did visit the cafes, and bemoan the fact that we have nothing like them in the US. my husband wanted to stay and make his living by playing the air guitar. He came home, but we talk about our brief 7 trip often."
Iwan Williams says:
"I came to Amsterdam expecting non-stop parties and weed, but was surprised to see that it was actually a beautiful city full of culture. It was easy to walk around, so hire a bike and live the experience even more! The red-light district is changing and worth a visit just to to say you've been there, it is a unique experience that is much safer than you'd expect, as it is filled with more tourists than actual customers. The museums were great, and the library is phenomenal. I loved Amsterdam"
Lydia says:
"Amersterdam is amazing especially if your great at cycling. That's what its most famous for anyway. I love it there it's a change of environment to the UK and I love to go there to visit my family who live by a heavenly beach. I even love the language that they speak!"
Paul Taylor says:
"Amsterdam is wonderful for the cyclist. Everyone bimbles around on old bikes never bothering to lock them up. Unlike in the UK, we have sat at pavement cafes late into the evening in the centre of Amsterdam sharing the convivial atmosphere with groups of locals, sometimes comprising several generations. A very relaxed and easy-going city."

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