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Amsterdam Travel Guide

Q: What is the difference between Netherlands and Holland?
A: Netherlands is the country whilst Holland is just the western region within the country. However, the term Holland is often used to mean the whole country.

Virtual Tour of Rokin, Amsterdam, Netherlands
 Traveler Reviews and Information
Latisha Tarver says:
"The view of Amsterdam is a toursists's delight.I love the shops,and being near the water is so exciting to me and my husband i highly recommend this destination for a lovely vacation "
Maria Kenny says:
"Amsterdam is great for a short break - I've been there in the summer and in January too when it snowed the entire time and made the city look even more beautiful. The restaurants and bars are plentiful and laidback. Shopping is good - high street shoppping as well as a good choice of lesser known European designers. The red light area is definitely worth visiting and is not as intimidating as you might think. Just be careful of the groups of mainly African men who hang around wanting to sell you drugs - that was the only down side of our trip."
Giverny says:
"I visited Amsterdam with friends from Uni. We stayed with a local uni student who we knew and he was fantastic at showing us the most popular sights without the cost of the guided tour. The best way of getting around is by bicycle - they are EVERYWHERE, but you must try the tram at some point. Try to avoid "coffee houses" as these are not always as they seem. Dutch people are renowned for being extremely friendly and helpful."
C.Rodgers says:
"The 'dam can be very pretty and alot of fun with plenty of coffee shops, bars and great places to eat... pancakes the day after are a perfect treat! The red light zone is nothing to be afraid of and worth exploring, there's plenty of tourists around to make it safe plus there's also fun tours that take you around the area. There's loads of interesting little shops (like the condom shop) and the sex museum but it your after culture just esplore the streets and goto the Rijksmuseum (the largest in the Netherlands) and well worth a visit, Van Gogh Museum or the Anne Franke house (if you can brave the queus)."
Mrs Priest says:
"Amsterdam is a curious travellers paradise. It's such a soothing atmosphere being so near to so much water, and the architecture is only to be admired. The red light zone is well managed and policed - certainly not as grotty or seedy as one would imagine. The shops cater to all tastes, and the people are friendly and courteous. I would highly recommend a visit to Amsterdam for any traveller."

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