Rail Holidays Offer a Relaxing Alternative

Anyone who has travelled by plane knows how stressful the experience can be. Rushing to make a flight only to find it seriously delayed, being stuck on a cramped aeroplane and waiting an age to get your luggage back at the arrivals terminal are all things that we’d rather not do if we had the choice. If only there was another way to travel! Well, fortunately there is. More and more people are realising the benefits of travelling by train for their holiday. Here’s why you should too.

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Companies such as Treyn Rail Holidays offer you the chance to see Europe in a way you could never dream of had you chosen to fly.

From the subtle natural highlights of the rural English countryside, to the breathtaking views of the Alps - on a rail holiday you can simply relax and let nature inspire you.

Treyn offers the best hand-picked accommodation, ensuring that your rest and relaxation continues even when you’re not on board the train. Their guided tours allow you to experience Europe as never before, offering you the chance to really discover your destination, and all the places you pass through every step of the way.

Whether you want to drink in Europe’s cultural hotspots, witness the stunning views or explore the hidden delights of the East of the continent, there are tailored train journeys available, offering all the destinations that can be reached by air travel but with much more comfort, convenience and relaxation.

Better for children

Yes, children do love to see the clouds and find it magical to be flying above them. However, the reality of flying with small children is anything but magical.

Trying to get young children to sit still and remain subdued for potentially long periods is not easy. There are also the issues of ears popping, loud engine noises and an overcrowded and claustrophobic space – all of which can be very stressful for kids.

If you’re travelling with young children, it’s clear - a rail holiday is a great alternative.


While it’s true that planes travel faster than any other form of transport, you need to also consider how much time you spend getting to the airport, checking-in, waiting, boarding, dealing with passport control, collecting your baggage and getting to your hotel.

All this considered, it really isn’t that different getting the train. The benefits of much-reduced waiting times, not waiting at baggage reclaim and the fact you travel between city centres means travelling is a far less stressful experience.