Best places to eat in Lanzarote

Holiday experiences generally revolve around sights, sounds and activities, and after a long day of exploring many want to sample local cuisine to truly get a flavour their destination.

When visiting a location like Lanzarote, travellers have a wealth of options when it comes to eating out. The island has many restaurants offering local cuisine and more exotic fare, whether youíre looking for a classy, informal or family-oriented experience. There are also plenty of holiday deals to be found online from companies like Thomson and other providers.

Those who like to dress up for a luxurious dinner canít go wrong by visiting MIAC Restaurant. Located in Castillo de San Jose, it offers both an interior and exterior visual experience with some excellent food choices. The spiral staircase takes customers down into an airy setting thatís decorated with beautiful artwork. Wraparound windows provide a full view of the port and food is served by bow-tied waiters and waitresses.

Another high-end, luxurious experience is available at La Tegala, which offers traditional Canarian cuisine. Customers can expect a chic experience with great views up to Fuerteventura. Cuisine includes cuttlefish and chickpea stew, as well as rabbit or lamb. Prices are at the fairly high end.

For families, Meson La Frontera is a popular choice among the locals. The menu includes anything from plain to unusual fare and everything in between. There are a lot of local dishes served up for those with exotic tastes. The grilled steaks and lamb chops are favourites among both locals and visitors alike. There is also a small play area for young kids and the village of Haria affords a wonderful view from the dining room. Reservations are advisable to ensure seats for weekend dining, although the restaurant tends to be quieter during the week.

The Costa Azul restaurant is also a wonderful choice, where customers wonít have to compromise on either food quality or setting. The fish and seafood is same-day fresh, cooked to perfection, and the seaside location provides a constantly delightful view of blue seas and the rocky shore. Customers who arrive before 1pm can choose an outside table, which is perfect for this restaurant and location, unless rare bad weather makes this difficult. Customers can also specifically book a table outside to make sure they make the most of the magical setting. Prices fall in the mid range.

Lanzarote visitors will seldom go wrong when booking restaurants. The choices listed here are just a small sample of those offered by this destination.