Top three US rail holiday itineraries

America is a vast, amazingly diverse country that can’t really be explored in just a handful of trips. Yet, it is well worth attempting to do so within your lifetime; you’d simply never forgive yourself for not seeing as much of this grand country as you possibly could.

US rail holidays are by far the best and most memorable way of attempting to cover as much ground as you can in a single visit. You’ll never forget all the sights and experiences that you can pack into a mere two weeks. Want to know more? We’ve picked three of our favourite journeys for consideration.

The Trans-American Rail Tour

From the Pacific to the Atlantic Coast (or vice-versa), you’ll experience the legendary Alcatraz, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon and much, much more on the Trans-American rail tour.

After spending some time in San Fransisco, you’ll visit the stunning Yosemite National Park, followed by a trip to Las Vegas, via the magnificent Mojave Desert.

The Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon are next, followed by a visit to Utah and its Monument Valley. The latter half of your epic American journey will involve Colorado, the Rocky Mountains National Park, Chicago, Niagara Falls and finally, New York City.

The Rockies and Alaska Tour

This trip is more focused on the exquisite natural beauty that America has to offer. You’ll see sights that will leave an ever-lasting impression on your memory.

The first four days will be spent visiting the Rocky Mountain and Banff National Parks. You’ll see some of the Great Lakes including Emerald Lake and Lake Louise, being going on to the Icefields Parkway and Jasper National Park.

The highlight of the trip really does then begin as you make your way through the Rockies on the Rocky Mountaineer train. Passing through some amazing mountainous scenery, the train will take you onwards to Vancouver, Seattle, and finally Alaska where you’ll get the chance to see some whales, dolphins and seals in their natural habitat.

New England Tour

America’s north-eastern territories boast truly glorious scenery, which are even more enjoyable during this seasonal trip.

The beauty of Cape Cod, the White Mountains, Martha’s Vineyard and Mount Washington Valley are all particular highlights of the trip, and you’ll end the journey in Boston, where you can enjoy some whale watching in Boston Harbour on board a high-speed Catamaran.