Business Travel Increases in 2012

Business travel originating in the UK to overseas locations increased by 2% to 6.8 million, in the three months leading up to May this year. This rise has led to an increase in prices for a number of flights originating in the UK to both domestic and overseas destinations

Corporate travel has evolved since its inception in the eighties into a culture of its own. And, with companies doing business in more and more international locations such as Asia, Africa and South America, there is also increased competition to get seats on planes and rooms in hotels in these destinations.

Itís always best to book with an agent

Given that most business trips abroad often have multiple destinations with crossovers, itís something of a no-brainer to let a business travel agent take care of things for you.

Theyíll take care of everything so you can focus on the business at hand and not worry about how to get to the airport, book the hotels or sort out flights.

Business travel allows you to stay on top of things

Does tearing your hair out in front of a flight information desk sound like an all-too-familiar experience? With a business travel agent, you wonít even need to go near it!

Youíll receive up-to-date information by the hour. This means that youíll be prepared in the event of cancellation or delay. Your travel agent will keep you informed from the start of your journey till the end.

Even if you think youíre already adequately prepared for flight changes, donít forget that travel agents will also be able to provide you with crucial information on the differing laws and regulations of the countries youíll be visiting. Their knowledge and resourcefulness will be indispensable.

Business travel gets you better fares

This is true, across the board. Itís not as simple as purchasing a one-way ticket to Paris on a budget airline. Business travel agents enjoy commercial tie-ins with hotel chains and airlines, and even when there is no commercial arrangement they possess huge buying power, meaning they can get prices for flights Ė often at the last minute Ė that itís just not possible to attain otherwise.

If youíre travelling for business, itís quite likely that youíll have multiple destinations and therefore need to plan transport and accommodation extra carefully.

A business travel agent will have everything planned down to the finest detail; all laid out in a carefully structured itinerary that will keep you relaxed and focused on the business youíre there for.

At the end of the day, it just pays to have someone else sort through any potential hassle for you, rather than arrive for a business meeting completely exhausted by the process of getting yourself there.