Why Camping Can Be Clean, Green and Cost Effective

If you are looking for a trip abroad in a way which is fun, environmentally friendly and not too expensive then you really need to consider camping in France among your top options. There are some terrific reasons for making this sort of trip the next family holiday you take.

The Cost

Nowadays we need to be careful with the cost of out holiday if we want to get away anywhere at all. A lot of families have cut out their holidays altogether but by going camping you can still get that all important break each year. This type of holiday is generally very cost effective for families and by going from the UK to France you can get a trip abroad at very little cost. The Eurocamp is a good place to check out some of your options. Once you get there you will probably find that a bit of exercise and some picnics are much more than tempting than going to the big city or eating in fancy restaurants. This means that even when you are there the costs are likely to be more reasonable then they would have been with a different type of holiday.

The Experience

Some of us have rather nasty experiences of going camping as children a few decades ago. If this happened to you as well then you can rest assured that going to a smart, modern campsite is a completely different experience from whatever dank, dirty and underprepared trips you might have been taken in the past. You will generally find campsites to be clean, well equipped and a lot of fun now. If you have active kids then they will love the chance to play some sports and maybe even go swimming. If you choose the site wisely then you will also be close enough to attractions such as the beach or exciting cycle trails to let them get out and see some of the local area. Many families now go camping every year since they have discovered that it is a liberating and interesting type of holiday which is ideal for families with a lot of energy and a desire to see the world.

The Green Factor

Any holiday which involves little travelling and a lot of walking and cycling can be classed as being environmentally friendly, and camping in France definitely fits into this category. If you want to do your bit to help the planet then this is an easy and frankly fun way of doing it. It won’t even feel as though you are making an effort to stay green on holiday, as you will be doing the same things which you would be doing anyway. Going green can be more fun than you ever imagined.

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