Does a Family Holiday Have to Cost a Fortune?

Everyone in your house probably gets pretty excited when the conversation turns to going away on holiday. This is why it is so disappointing when you work out the numbers and realise that you arenít going to be able to go anywhere this year after all. If you want to avoid heartache then here are some ideas for a more cost effective trip.

Donít Restrict Your Search

Some of the best family holiday deals could be on offer somewhere you have never heard of. Even if you have a favourite destination which everyone is keen to go back to there is no reason not to search further afield as well. For example, if you usually go to Spain then could Italian or French holidays be just as interesting for you? There are great resorts all over Europe and trying out somewhere you have never been to can be exciting. Donít forget that it is now easy to do your research online before you go as websites such as Keycamp and Eurocamp are exactly kind of websites that you need.

Be Flexible with the Dates

Being flexible with the dates is just as important as being flexible with the possible destination. If you have the chance to choose your dates then it is definitely worth trying out a few different departure dates to see what the price is like. Prices can vary quite widely from one week to the next, especially if you are looking for last minute holiday deals. A good way of looking at this is that every pound you save on the holiday price is another pound you can spend when you are over there. A lot of families run out of spending money when they are on holiday and if you can add to the pot then so much the better.

Look at Different Ideas

A traditional break in a hotel by the sea might be what you have in mind but whatís to stop you looking at other ideas as well? Self catering villas, campsites and caravans are all valid accommodation options which could help you save some cash. Again, Keycamp and Eurocamp are just the kind of websites that you need to help you jumpstart your research online. You will see that camping has come on a lot in the last few years. The modern camping sites spread over Europe offer great sporting facilities and plenty of activities for the kids. Itís got to be worth looking at if you want to save money without losing out on the quality.