Way more than Disney World: A tourist guide to Florida

Itís easy to see why Florida is known as the Sunshine State. Even in winter, it reaches a comfortable 20C while hitting an average of 32C in summer. And itís this scorching and inviting weather that attracts tourists from all over the world. With a whole range of outdoor activities, from boating, surfing, paragliding to wind-surfing and fishing, Florida holidays with the Co-op truly offer something for everyone. While adults can shop, sunbathe or swim, the kids will always have Disney World. However, if youíre looking to avoid Disney this time round, Florida has much more to offer.

Sea World

If youíre not a fan of the long queues, then Sea World is a fantastic option, because the best thing about the park is the fact that youíre able to enjoy all the attractions with the lack of crowds. Itís one of the few places in Orlando where most of your day wonít be spent waiting in a queue in the sweltering heat. Alongside a whole host of live sea mammals, one of its biggest attractions is the Shark Encounter, which involves walking through a tube in the sharkís tank, giving you an up-close observation of all types of sharks. Then thereís the Wild Artic attraction, a simulation where you ride a helicopter out to the Arctic and observe walruses, whales and polar bears. With few queues and so many attractions, as well as rides, this is an ideal day out with the kids.

Titanic: The Experience

If youíre intrigued by the tragic events of historyís most famous sunken ship, then ensure you visit Titanic: The Experience, which offers you the opportunity to tour a replica of the historic ocean liner. The construction of the vast staterooms with the presence of actors in period costume provide a glimpse into what it was really like to have crossed the Atlantic on an early 20th century cruise ship. Be dazzled by memorabilia recovered from the sunken ship.


If youíve ever wondered what itíd be like to skydive without actually having to jump out of an aeroplane, then perhaps this life-like simulation is exactly for you. After strapping into your safety gear and goggles you will embark on a journey which involves riding on a column of air blasting upwards at 120 miles per hour.

Scenic Boat Tour

If youíre staying in Orlando and are craving a scenic tour, donít miss the Scenic Boat Tour thatís only a seven-mile ride away. When you arrive, youíll board a pontoon boat, which is a fantastic way of getting up-close and personal with all the marine life that Florida has to offer Ė and that includes its numerous alligators!


If you like alligators then this is undoubtedly the place for you. Known as the alligator capital of the world, Gatorland has thousands of reptiles, as well as showcasing an aviary, observation tower, petting zoo and a scenic Gatorland Express train.