Spectacular Swedish golf courses

Golfing holidays are growing ever more popular, as more and more people choose to mix their annual trip abroad with a chance to improve their skills at their favourite pastime. If you’re eager to get away next year and improve your short game at the same time, why not consider Sweden?

The success of golfers such as Henrik Stenson and Carl Pettersson has inspired the Swedish people to indulge in the sport and with over 300 superb courses to choose from, the country is fast becoming the ideal destination for golf holidays. With a natural landscape to rival some of the best in the world, most of Sweden’s golf courses fall into one of two categories: parkbana and skogsbana.

Parksbana (which translates as 'park course') is a design which emulates traditional British golf courses. If you like your golf weekends to feel like a home away from home, parksbana could be the course for you, with rolling greens, gentle slopes and wide fairways.

Skogsbana however, puts a typically Scandinavian twist on the sport, with dense forests, steep slopes and narrow fairways. If you enjoy golf breaks that are all about testing yourself to the limit in unfamiliar conditions then make sure you try one of the many skogsbana courses.

To help you choose which course in particular to try, here are some of Sweden’s best:

Bro Hof Slott Golf Club

Located just half an hour from Stockholm, the Bro Hof Slott Golf Club has hosted the only stop on the PGA European Tour in Scandinavia, the Scandinavian Masters, since 2010. With two separate 18-hole courses, the Stadium Course and the Castle Course, Bro Hof boasts an intricate design which is ranked as the seventh best course in Europe by Top 100 Golf Courses.

Visby Golf Club

Pierre Fulke is one of Sweden’s most popular professional golfers, so it was perhaps unsurprising that when he was called in to reinvigorate Visby Golf Club he created one of Sweden’s most popular golf courses. Not satisfied with the times players were waiting to play either the nine hole or 18 hole courses, Fulke created a single 27 hole course of championship quality. If you like a workout as well as a challenge, Visby Golf Club, located right on the shore of the Baltic Sea, might be the course for you.

PGA of Sweden National Course

Sweden, like many countries in Europe, has a rich history which dates back for millennia and, for the cultured designer, combining this with golf can achieve fantastic results. Located just 15 km east of the country's third most populous city, Malmö, Sweden’s national course is set in the grounds of the historic Torup Castle.

With two full courses, the classic Links Course and the rolling parkland-inspired Lakes Course, as well as a luxury clubhouse, the PGA of Sweden National Course provides even the most discerning golfer with an incredible round combined with a little taste of Swedish history.

Umea Golf Club

For a truly unique golfing experience, Umea might be the best option. Set in Northern Sweden, just 400 km south of the Arctic Circle, amazingly the average summer temperature can be as high as 20 degrees C, thanks to the Atlantic Ocean’s warm Gulf Stream. While this may not sound like the ideal destination for golf, Umea’s northerly latitude means that for periods during the summer the city experiences 24 hours of daylight. A trip to Umea Golf Club might provide even more opportunity for practice than you ever thought possible, as the course stays open 24 hours a day.